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Thursday, January 20, 2005


I submitted a poem to Powerline, one of the best blogs out there, and they linked to me. Thank you, Powerline!
I don't have a counter on here but I suspect I may have been Powerlanched... er. Linanched... er... Planched... Powinanched...

I suspect there are a bunch of new visitors. You are very welcome! Please look around and bookmark my humble blog!

Some of the posts are two parters, so you'll need to go to part 1 to get part 2.

Some acronyms which may be unfamiliar to new readers:
PBR= Political Blog Readers
Induction Bomb=A series of articles that lead to a single conclusion. Read Is Blogging Bad for America (to your right in recent posts) for an explanation of that.
DA=Dangerous assumption. Read part 1 of that (again to your right) for a definition of that term.

Thanx again!


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