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Monday, April 18, 2005

Women are our Nuclear Weapon vs. Islamism

Great post of the day by New Sysiphus. The following excerpts tell the story of the story:

As Shelby Steele has so eloquently written about, one horrific side effect of the otherwise righteous movement for civil rights and black emancipation in the late 1950’s to the late 1960’s was conditioning the wider population to view victimization as a claim to moral authority and, through that authority, political power.

The result has been an ever-expanding culture of victimization, where every small interest pressure group fights to prove and establish facts that lay claim to its special victimization, its unique suffering, as a means to power. Environmentalists focus on the harm done to our forests, feminists on rape, homosexuals on hate crimes, and child advocates on child abuse. Only by demonstrating that the wider culture—consciously or unconsciously—has victimized the target group can that group lay claim to the power of modern liberal guilt; and, through that guilt, legislation designed to promote or protect that group’s perceived interests.


the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), have adopted the liberal/left language of victimization in order to gain political power. Thus, CAIR spends all of its time searching for Muslims who’ve been called names in small-town 7-11s or inflating completely minor incidents after 9/11 into a mythical “anti-Muslim” backlash. And, most importantly, they and like-minded groups seek to demonize any criticism of Islam or Muslims as “Islamophobia." As amazing as it might sound to Americans, who seem, almost alone in the world, to really care about freedom of speech, "Islamophobia" is now a crime in both Canada and the United Kingdom.

This is the type of legislative power true victimhood status brings, which is why a Muslim auto worker beat up in a bar is worth his weight in gold to the grandees of CAIR and other similar groups.

What are conservatives to do in the face of such tactics?


As we have pointed out before, one of the advantages we in the anti-Islamist camp possess is that the Islamists, like the National Socialists before them, are so in love with their ideology that they are loathe to hide it.


Given the Islamist agenda, we anti-Islamists have a natural ally not only in approximately 51% of our own populations, but, incredibly, also in 51% of the enemy’s population. As recent elections in Afghanistan and Iraq, not to mention pro-democracy protests in the Islamic Republic, have recently proved, the Islamists have a huge, gaping weak spot, and it has double X chromosomes. Statements like the above cannot help but contrast the diffent deal being offered women by liberal democracy and Islamism.

Our strategy, then, should be this: to form a popular front resistance movement to Islamism with liberal and left forces founded upon our shared conviction that women should, and in fact do, possess legal, social and cultural equality with men and, further, that this value is central to modern Western Civilization. Not only would this popular front serve to lessen the domestic opposition to the War on Terror, it would also serve as effective propaganda beamed right into the veiled sitting rooms of women all over the Islamic world.

Great post, great idea, great strategy. Of course you MUST READ THE WHOLE THING TO REALLY GET IT ALL!!! Western women, at the moment, don't really need to choose between Islamists and the West. They can complain of getting paid .75 to each Western man's $1.00 for the same work. They can complain that there are Western dead beat dads. They can complain that many Western men want them not to have abortions after the 1st or 2nd trimester.

But what if they were forced to make a choice between Islamism and the West? I don't see how the West can lose, with Democracy and Women's Rights on our side. What if Hillary Clinton were asked to thank George Bush for expanding women's rights a thousand fold more than she and her husband ever did? Imagine Condoleeza and Hillary going at it- and Condi saying she had done more for women than the Clinton's ever imagined. Oh joy. Pure joy.


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