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Thursday, April 12, 2007

How to be a racist.

Inspired by the Duke Lacrosse Team and the Rutgers Basketball team fiascos, I'm trying to figure out the rules. This is what I've got:

Racist talk demeaning whites by anyone = okay.

Racist talk demeaning Jews by non-white and/or white liberal = tolerable, by white non-liberal = atrocity.

Racist talk demeaning blacks by blacks = grammy!, by whites, Jews and Asians = atrocity, by Latinos = borderline(?). Exception: if the black targeted is Republican the target is no longer black. See racist talk about whites above.

Racist talk demeaning Latinos by whites, Jews, Asians = bad, by Latinos = okay, by blacks = tolerable.

Racist talk demeaning Asians by whites = bad, by blacks and Latinos = good, by Jews and Asians = tolerable.

Is that about right? Ahh crap. Are there different rules for gender?