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Thursday, January 06, 2005

The MSM Strikes Back

If proving Dan Rather aired forged documents to discredit Dubya was the equivalent of Luke Skywalker blowing up the Death Star, Howard Raines is about to encase Glenn Reynolds in carbonite. (Charles from LGF is Skywalker in this analogy, btw, since his GIF blew everything up.)

Why? Because Gonzales is denying that he will condone torture. He didn't condone it, though. He hasn't. It is reasonable to assume he wouldn't. But his necessary denials prove that, despite the efforts of Skywalker (Charles from http://littlegreenfootballs.com/weblog/), Solo (Reynolds from http://www.instapundit.com/), Princess Leia (Ann Althouse??? from http://althouse.blogspot.com/) and thousands of other rebels spread across the galaxy, er, internet- the MSM still has the power to frame the debate.

All Gonzales condoned was discomfort. He condoned not giving people blankets, and not turning the lights off during nap time. Here's the operative quote from Instapundit (sent to Han Solo from one of his readers, Jeff Cole. Wait a second... is that like a vision from Obi Wan Kenobe? Am I taking the analogy too far?)
Sorry. Here's the quote:

The ONLY previously proscribed interrogation techniques that have been sanctioned at the highest levels of our government post 911 are coercive in nature and specifically not intended to do bodily or psychological harm. Sleep deprivation, loud music, kneeling, withholding blankets. THIS is torture?

Clearly the hate America crowd- in this case the MSM and the democrats, have successfully framed the debate. It should be "What constitutes torture?" But it is "Shall America continue to torture? Are we torturers?" You either say no to discomfort or you are saying yes to raiding museum exhibits about the Spanish Inquisition.

So score one for Baron Harkonnen and (wait, wrong universe...) Score one for the bad guys. At least so far. Maybe it isn't too late to turn this issue around.

Next post: Will Glenn Reynolds be able to reframe the debate? Will he sleep with Althouse? Stay tuned.


  • At 10:35 AM, Blogger big_wannabe said…

    You are such a geek.

    And I agree with you completely.

    Still not surprising really, with the exception of Fox news the big perception makers can still march in lockstep to create "non-reality-based" truth.

    Not for much longer, though, so let them have their fun.

    When the time comes for them to cash in on this effort (an attempt to scuttle Gonzales' next step, supreme court justice or whatever) their input will be worth significantly less than it is now, ironically worth as much as monopoly money.

    Death to the MSM! :^D


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