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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Totalitarian Left Part 2

Has the left gone totalitarian? The short answer is no, but the following Induction Bomb (follow this link and scroll down to part 3 for an explanation of an Induction Bomb) shows a disturbing trend.


Describes how voter fraud by democrats helped Gregoire win in Washington State.


Newsisyphus, again, nails it. This again regards Washington.


More voter fraud by democrats in East St. Louis.


Voter fraud In Milwaukee by- surprise- democrats.


Voter Fraud in St. Louis – carried out by democrat politicians

So what do we have here? Liberals- not the anarchist fringe, but Democrat party politicians- professionals- party activists- knowingly breaking the law and/or cynically disenfranchising voters. I don’t remember them doing this in the recent past. Perhaps the false accusation that Bush stole the election to win his first term caused the party to lose its perspective. Perhaps the Iraqi phase of the War on Terror has emboldened them. I would like to think so, to think the widespread Democrat party voter fraud is a crime of passion, as it were, and thus temporary. But I doubt it.

Liberals have used the judiciary to bypass the democratic process for decades. Bush will probably remake the Supreme Court in Ronald Reagan’s image during this term. It should be no surprise that, having lost their stranglehold on the judiciary, liberals are now corrupting the very process of democracy itself. The lack of support for the War in Iraq shows their disdain for sufferage. Afghanistan’s first election received a tiny fraction of the Abu Ghraib scandal in the MSM. Ghe Guevera, enemy of democracy, is a hero of the left. Why should anyone think the left really cares about democracy?

Am I overreacting? Let’s hope so. But the pattern is clear. There was more voter fraud during this election than the last. If the trend grows, or worse, accelerates, then the Democrat party may well win a presidency or a Senate majority in the next election through voter fraud. If or when that happens the fox will be guarding the henhouse. If the Democrat party has a vested interest in voter fraud, and is in power, and came to power through voter fraud in the first place, they cannot be expected to combat it.

If the left is not dominated by totalitarians now, it certainly is headed that way. But that is why we have a two party system, and a system of checks and balances. Surely the conservatives are actively pursuing these lawbreakers, right?

Wrong. More on this tomorrow.

Update: New Sisyphus is starting to piss me off. He says everything I want to say- better than I say it... Read this on how Al Gore has hurt America for another take on how and why liberals started thinking it was okay to disenfranchise non-liberals. And this for more about the democrat's general lack of respect for democracy.

But I have to disagree with Newsisyphus about one thing. He seems to think the democrats are blind to their own crimes, befuddled by arrogance or hubris or both. I believe they know exactly what they are doing. Again, I think what they are doing is a rational response to losing control of the judiciary.

(This is sort of analogous to the disagreement about 9/11. Some people think 9/11 was an emotional, irrational attack. Others, like me, think it was rational, and coldly calculated, given how the U.S. reacted to previous terrorist attacks. Tomorrow's post will look at whether or not the liberals are right. Thank god and George W. Bush the terrorists were wrong.)


  • At 6:54 AM, Blogger Crazy Diamond said…

    One danger you want to avoid in your analysis is (unintentionally) characterizing any large organization as monolithic. The Democrat party is just as divided, in their own way, as the Republicans (or Reform or Taxpayer's or any other). Every organized group of people has its bad apples.

    And potential whistleblowers always face a huge dilemma - will my denunciation of this or that event bring about more good than harm? I can easily see why a political activist who becomes aware of someone cheating might think "well, it's isolated, and besides it won't really have a huge effect anyway" or "I can see it was cheating, but it's really going to be better for the city/county/state/country this way, and next time there won't be a need to cheat because people will see clearly next time".

    I do think liberals are more inclined to cheat, simply because they generally challenge culturally inherited boundaries anyway. What's so special about voting rules, especially when you know better? However, any person who feels desperate (politically or otherwise) faces the temptation to cheat.

    We can't rely on political activists to police themselves. Worse, we can't really rely on them to police each other either, because they're all aware that if they start spending major resources on keeping the other guy honest, pretty soon that's all they'll spend money on. It's sort of like the tacit agreement between the CIA and KGB that you don't whack each others spies, or pretty soon eye-for-an-eye will take all your resources.

    The only way I see to hammer down voter fraud is for an organization dedicated to such an ideal to infiltrate campaigns on both sides and be on the watch for it. Right now there are laws against infiltrating an opposing campaign for the purpose of getting the upper edge politically, but I don't know of any laws against doing so to keep them honest. If there are, I bet I know why they passed. :) And of course we need elected officials who care about voter fraud and are willing to punish it.

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