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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Political Spectrum Tests

Let me preface this. In my experience there are two kinds of writing. Prewriting and good writing. You prewrite to figure out what you want to say, then you write it. But it's Saturday and I've got a bunch of stuff I need to take care of, so I'm giving you the raw form below. All the ideas are there, they just aren't said as well as they should be.

I've taken these kinds of tests from time to time. They are easy and fun, get you thinking etc. But they always say I'm center left, left moderate, or something like that, and I'm conservative. So the question is- am I confused, or are the tests confused? I think it's the tests, so I'm going to do a little research.

1. Who makes the tests? If they are primarily made by people on the left, then they are skewed. The left's image of itself is not the right's image, naturally. (I mean who doens't suck their gut in when they pass the mirror?) I think it's reasonable to assume they are primarily made by lefties, since most academicas are lefties, and most of these tests are probably made by academics.

2. Do these tests reflect a true definition of left vs. right? Or do they reflect an accurate definition of left vs. right? By which I mean, if the textbook definitions of left vs. right is, say X vs Y, than yes that is true. The textbooks define it, after all. However, if the accurate defintion, which is to say the definition MOST PEOPLE USE, is Q vs X, so that it is NOT the same as the true definintion, than these tests are flawed. Because if the tests test whether or not someone is left or fight based on the true definition, than they are not testing reality.

Because I am not conservative because I hate Joe Lieberman (a decent man who toes the liberal line), I'm conservative because I hate Michael Moore. And I am not conservative because I think pot should be illegal, I'm conservative because I can't stand hippies.


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  • At 10:50 AM, Blogger Unknown said…

    Reasonable questions, if you ask me. In my opinion, political spectrum quizzes will categorize you as left wing or right wing based on the principles set by each model. So, there’s accuracy with these tests; BUT, it only applies to a certain degree. Many of these tests do not consider other qualifiers such as your behavior, personality type, and even your gender and age.

    Faith Hawkins


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