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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Churchill at Manoa...

This links to an article about Churchill's press conference at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He will be lecturing there tonight. My emails, here and here, to Professor Perkinson were apparently useless. Professor Perkinson assured me, repeatedly, that he would look into the allegations about Churchill being a liar and get back to me. He has not, as yet, gotten back to me. Perhaps he decided that the allegations were false, perhaps he decided they weren't proven, perhaps he decided they didn't matter even if they were true. Maybe he never really bothered to look, or maybe, once the invitation was extended it could not have been revoked. Who knows?

Too bad.

Some of you may have noticed I didn't include Prof Perkinson's reply to my second email. I found myself in an ethical condundrum becausae I didn't identify myself as a blogger to Prof P in my first email. A post on Powerline made me wonder if failing to identify myself that way was tantamout to lying by omission... So I basically just shut up about the whole thing. It is kind of hard to pretend moral outrage when you suspect that you have been immoral.

Becaues of this I'm not going to email Prof P anymore or try to publicize this post by linking to anone. I'm going to let it go. Not that my little pebble in the ocean would have made a difference, anyway. But I would have enjoyed venting my spleen a little. This is just another lesson in blogdom for me, I guess.

There's a chance I should email Prof P an apology, but I think shutting up is good enough. Let me know if you think otherwise.

Update! - Churchill has admitted he is not an Indian! So he has admitted to lying on his application, lying when he asked for Affirmative Action set asides and etc... Wow. This is good news on one front- now CU can fire him for his 9/11 comments while using his lies on his application as an excuse. The bad news is that he's now made this an issue of academic freedom as opposed to one about whether or not Churchill is a lying jerk.

How is that bad news??? Er... I dunno. I guess it isn't bad news. Churchill is a proven, and now admitted liar. What separated him from all the other idiots who made statements like his was that he had the status accorded to 1. Native Americans and 2. tenured professors. Now he has lost Native American status, and soon, hopefully, he will lose the status accorded him by his job. Wonderful, wonderful...

Just like that this is a good day.

Another Update! Fearless Critic wonders if Churchill is seeking to be fired to obtain lefty academic martyrdom. (I imagine lefty academic martyrdom involves quite a few, well, not virgins, but...) Fearless Critic may be right but I doubt it. I think too many people had figured out that Churchill has no Indian blood, and he decided the only way to make people shut up about it was to admit it. But this concession will not end the controversy. The question now is not "Is Churchill an Indian?" It is "Should he be fired for fraud?" And/or "Does this mean Churchill's views mean less?" Or, if you are a liberal, the question is "Did Karl Rove plant Ward Churchill?"


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