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Thursday, March 10, 2005


Now that I'm a UPC member I'm on the waiting list at the China Club plus I get free Chalupas from Taco Bell every third Tuesday of the month.
But I do get homework... I need to pick 5 libby politicians and/or activists I admire... 5?!? Yeah, 5. And they have to be alive, believe it or not. This is tough. Kennedy? Oh yeah he let his mistress drown in the river. Okay, Kerry. Wait, he smuggled guns to genocidal communist geurillas. (HE said so... I don't believe him but either way he's out.) Clinton? Even if he didn't rape that other lady he definitely had an in intern suck him off IN THE WHITE HOUSE in between sessions of terrorist-buttock-kissing. His wife? She stuck with him... she's out.
Um... Tony Blair! Whoo-hoo! That's one!
Lieberman! Really? Well... no. I mean you wouldn't admire Mr. McGoo's eyesight just because his peers were blind...
I need to go to the Jiu Jitsu forum and get some help...


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