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Monday, May 09, 2005

Great FREE program... AutoStitch

This is from near the top of the Sleeping Giant or Nouno ridge. Wow this autostitch is cool. You can download the demo version by clicking on this link. That's all I've used to take the pics from my hike last month and put them together. Free good shit simply can't be beat. I can't wait to take pics with this program in mind!!! It says you can do full 360 degree panorama shots! Plus, if you click on the link, you'll see how you can do a checkerboard patter of shots so you don't get the long rectangle affect you'll see in these 3 panoramas I'm showing today.
Anyway, I've got 'bout 50% of the Eastern shoreline of Kauai in a single picture made up of 8 different pictures in the above shot. Click on it to enlarge it. (It is much more spectacular on my computer... I can't seem to make the detail equally available to you via Picassa, or maybe the fault is Blogger's... no complaints... more free good shit.)
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to stitch a full 180 much less 360 degree shot... I didn't have enough connecting shots and the program refused. But still it is pretty cool. The next two pics are from pics I took as I turned to my right. However, they were not all taken from the same spot. (I'm pretty sure I could have stitched them togther if they were). Posted by Hello


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