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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Harkonnendog supports Condoleeza Rice for President

Harkonnendog now supports Condoleeza Rice for President. I'm going to go stream of consciousness to explain why...

dude she thinks gun rights are as important as free speech plus what a way to say screw you to Muslim countries that think women have to be in bhurkas are u kidding? and it would finally end the bullchit dem myth republicans care about color and she's a moderate she won't let the evangelists control the party and if they block her putting in conservative minority supreme court justices SHE can play the race card! hah! what a joy that would be! plus what an example for young blacks and young women generally plus she looked kind of hot in those boots and i've got this thing now for vonzell from american idol and it's like transferring to condie 'cause they're both black plus the boots also judging from her facial expressions she can be a bad motherf- SHUT YO' MOUTH! i'm just talkin' about Condie and if she went president that would maybe be a great moment of healing a social, cultural ahievement equvialent to the technological achievement of going in a 100 years from horse and buggy to flying to the moon in a 125 years going from a country that allowed slavery and women couldn't vote to country with a black woman president happy happy joy joy and she's an expert in foreign affairs which SHOULD remain the focus it won't be the economy stupid until the islamists (ed... not Muslims, islamists- terrorists!) are all dead and they've been eaten and shit out by pigs a la hannibal not that a president should EVEr be focused on the economy president should always be foreign affairs first wouldn't it be awesome to see the nytimes try to paint hillary as champion of blacks while they lie and distory Condie's life and beliefs u think the msm is exposed now as hypocrites Condie would nail its coffin down and bury it in concrete!!!

This is just part 1 of what will be a series. Condie for President!!!


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