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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Our new puppy Tita

So my daughter goes to her daddy's over on Maui (here's how that works- she's my daughter because I married Mommy and I'm Uncle T.J. and her daddy is, of course, still Daddy) and after a few days she calls and tells us Tita (what she calls her older sister, what my wife calls her older sister- sort of Hawaiian slang for sister... my wife clarified the meaning of Tita because "high maka-maka Hawaiians don't like to use that word") gave her a puppy. Wife is like "hold on, kid" and daughter is immediately hysterical... she's had the puppy for 3 days- took her everywhere including the movies and has slept with her every night et cetera... So, fait accompli! We have a puppy!

Here's Tita (daughter chose the name) surrounded by her playmates/chewtoys. She's a poi dog, not sure what's what. Maybe some Chihuauha (sp?) maybe some Jack Russel Terrier. When she walks around she looks like a minitiaruzied APBT. Hehehe. Anyway the wife and I are now completely in love with Tita.
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