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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The latest liberal Iraq memes

are well represented by UPC'ers Shamanic and Fester.

1. That the US is going to pull all but 70,000 troops out of Iraq over the next year.

2. That this should be characterized as "cutting and running."


Liberals have been saying it was a mistake to go into Iraq since we went there. Now that there are some CONDITIONAL (the condition is that Iraq is able to sustain itself with fewer US troops, btw) plans to have less troops in Iraq they are say pissed off that we are leaving. How can you "cut and run" while leaving 70k men somewhere?

This is characterizing success as failure. It reminds me of how liberals used to claim the Cold War ended despite Reagan's bumbling, rather than because of Reagan's leadership.

The disconnect between left and right grows apace.


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