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Monday, August 08, 2005

Britain's Civil War?

There’s been talk about a civil war in Iraq. A sort of hot and cold civil war, fought through assassination and intimidation. The new lefty meme of the moment is that Bush wants to pull the troops out TOO SOON, leaving the Iraqis in a lurch. The Shi’ites will try to transform Iraq into New Iran, the Kurds will try to turn it into Kurdistan, and those poor Sunnis, (who really weren’t that bad, I mean women had rights under Saddam!) will be stuck in the middle. Ridiculous anti-Bush memes aside, Iraq has NEEDED a civil war for decades. Sunnis have been assassinating, torturing, and starving to death non-Sunni Iraqis for quite a while.

Iraq now has a chance not to be ruled by a sociopath strongman backed by a dominant minority. If the Shi’ites would rather fight a civil war than go back to the days of Saddam I can hardly blame them. If the Sunnis would rather fight than bow to an Ayatollah kudos to them. If the Kurds would rather create a fortress Kurdistan than be ruled by an Ayatollah or Hussein or Insane by another name I congratulate them.

Of course Bush has offered another way. It is up to peace loving Iraqis to stop the cycle of violence- to realize a civil war in Iraq can’t be won except by not fighting, most likely, since it is the kind of fire that grows on flame- the hotter it gets the more it grows. Democracy is there, if the non-asshole Iraqis can control the asshole Iraqis long enough to establish it.

Britain, on the other hand, may HAVE to fight such a civil war.

The Independent warns that

Intelligence chiefs are warning Tony Blair that Britain faces a full-blown Islamist insurgency, sustained by thousands of young Muslim men with military training now resident in this country.

The grim possibility that the two London attacks were not simply a sporadic terror campaign is being discussed at the highest levels in Whitehall. Fears of a third strike remain high this weekend, based on concrete evidence supplied by an intercepted text message and the interrogation of a terror suspect being held outside Britain, say US reports.

As police and the security services work to prevent another cell murdering civilians, attention is focusing on the pool of migrants to this country from the Horn of Africa and central Asia. MI5 is working to an estimate that more than 10,000 young men from these regions have had at least basic training in light weapons and military explosives.

Even though the vast majority had come to Britain to escape the lawlessness of their homelands, the source added, there remained an alarmingly large pool of trained men who could be lured into violent action here.

What would, what could lure them? Click here to read a Sunday Times article that shows EXACTLY what type of group lures “at-risk” Muslims into becoming terrorists.
An excerpt:

A Sunday Times reporter spent two months as a recruit inside the Saviour Sect to reveal for the first time how the extremist group promotes hatred of “non-believers” and encourages its followers to commit acts of violence including suicide bombings.

The reporter witnessed one of the sect’s leading figures, Sheikh Omar Brooks, telling a young audience, including children, that it was the duty of Muslims to be terrorists and boasting, just days before the July 7 attacks, that he wanted to die as a suicide bomber.

After the attacks that claimed 52 lives, another key figure, Zachariah, justified them by saying that the victims were not “innocent” people because they did not abide by strict Islamic laws.

Scary stuff.


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