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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Saddam Hussein's support of terrorists

is proven beyond reasonable doubt, beyond ALL DOUBT, right here at this link. Click!. The connection to Al Queda specifically is also very strong. Of course most liberals will never click on the link, since they wish to believe Saddam never supported terrorism.

This is one of those cases which illustrate that modern liberalism is more akin to a religious faith than a political ideology.

Sceptic to a Christian: What are all those dinosaur bones if you don't believe in evolution?
Dumb Christian: Uh... Der... God put them there to test my faith.

Sceptic to a dumb liberal: What about all this evidence linking Saddam and terrorists?
Dumb liberal: Uh, Der... that's all manufactured by the neocon conspiracy!


  • At 8:54 AM, Blogger Cernig said…

    Hi Hark,

    I read the link, I had actually read it before. Some of it has actually been debunked by British intelligence (some of the "strongest" Al-Qaida connections) but most of it stands (the Palestinian connections in particular - although there are several supposedly allied nations just as complicit in THAT one!).

    I don't actually know ANY liberals who say Hussein wasn't involved with terrorism or even that he wasn't at some level a danger to the international community. However, I do know many who say that not finishing the job in Afghanistan first was strategic lunacy and that there were other more deserving candidates for the next stop in the GWOT (Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand etc).

    Some day you should try asking the liberals what they think instead of relying on extremist conservatives to tell you what liberals think. It's worth a try, eh?

    Regards, C

  • At 2:13 PM, Blogger Harkonnendog said…

    Well my liberal nephew "informed" me that Saddam had no links to terrorists. When I asked him about 20k per terrorist family for Palestinian terrorists he goes "that Israel." When I said if he supports terrorism against Israel what makes you think he wouldn't support terrorism against he's like - "NO WMD!"
    Lol. I think a lot of informed liberals know saddam supported terrorists who killed Americans but many have no idea.

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