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Thursday, September 01, 2005

3-1 about New Orleans

The old saying goes “When you point a finger at someone, remember you are pointing three fingers back at yourself.” This applies well to people laying blame for the New Orlean’s tragedy.

You’ve got your religious f***s who are saying New Orleans got it because New Orleans or the US deserved it. These people are the suck.
Via Eric over at Classical Values comes the following info:
Louis Farrakhan (Muslim) says the hurricane was meant to punish the US for our sins in Iraq.
Michael Marcavage (Christian) says the hurricane was meant to punish New Orleans for being a Soddom-Gomorrah kind of city.
And Godhatesfags.com of course says New Orleans has been destroyed because God hates fags.

Then you’ve got you’re political pundits who are saying New Orleans got it because Bush is Hitler the Oil Monkey.
Our beloved Cernig implied as much earlier today on the UPC.
More liberals than I have bothered to count have said the Kyoto treaty would have ended global warming and the hurricane then would not have existed. (Yes- I know these particular liberals are not just raving loonies, but ridiculously stupid raving loonies, and that most liberals know how stupid the claim is. I realize ANY thinking person, liberal or not, will figure out it is ridiculous in about 20 seconds.)
A more creative liberal blamed it on Reagan, saying that if Carter had won in 1980 the global warming which caused this particular hurricane would not have happened. (It is like reading crappy sci-fi alternate universe book premises.)
A Daily Kos diarist wrote a long and very thoughtful post proving that the Superdome was a deathtrap designed to kill blacks.
Hate is a strong motivater of imagination.

Which is kind of odd, because you want to blame something- blame a general LACK of imagination. Another hat tip to Eric at Classical Values- who brought me to this link.

Scroll down until you see the graphic representing this:

The city of New Orleans, which is at or below sea-level in many areas, is sandwiched between levees from Lake Pontchartrain to the north and the Mississippi River to its south creating the “bowl” effect so often described.

New Orleans is a soup bowl sunk into water. It rains in the bowl. It is like… imagine putting a bowl in a sink which is just high enough not to flow into the bowl. No, that is all wrong. It is more like dropping a shoe in a sink, since a shoe is porous, and using a straw to suck water out as it fills. Also, the top of the shoe is actually UNDER the water, only you cut the very top rim off of a plastic cup and stuck it into the top of the shoe to keep the water out.

Why does such an inherently dangerous city exist? So whose fault is that? Nobody’s… New Orleans is an old, old city by American standards. It grew organically. There is no boogeyman or group of boogeymen to blame here.

No- Girls Gone Wild is not the reason New Orleans is flooded.
No- Iraq is not the reason New Orleans is flooded.
No- Reagan is not the reason New Orleans is flooded.
No- Clinton is not the reason New Orleans is flooded. (I didn’t bother to look but I’m pretty damn sure it isn’t Bubba’s fault, much as I hate to admit it.)

New Orleans is flooded because it was a flood waiting to happen. Spend your energy elsewhere.


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