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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Maureen Dowd Anally Probes, Angers Cow

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd has angrily denied claims she anally probed thousands of cows over the last few years. Said Dowd:

“Not only have I not done that, I haven’t even been involved with the Times’ investigation of Mad Cow Disease and the Bush administration's cover-up of the disease to help the beef lobby.”

But when this reporter gave Dowd a transcript of her own words from a question and answer session after a speech she gave at last month’s Benefit for Urine as Artist at MOMA, Dowd could only stutter. The transcript is below:

the way these investigations, go... We look for guilt, we seek cover-ups. So who benefits, and we ask where the money goes. Take, uh, mad cow, for example. It might seem like a small story, and yeah we’re going anal, but what if something small is repeated thousands of times? We probe them. And we do it thousands of times. And yeah, they get angry, they get furious. But that’s what they do. More important, that’s what I do.

Dowd did not deny making the statement.

(this post was inspired by Michelle Malkins Dowdification of Dowd, here.)


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