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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Monument to the 911 Terrorists

I'm sure they never even dreamed the US would honor them so! Click here to see the Flight 93 Memorial Project overlayed with an Islamic crescent.

"WTF?!?" was my first reaction. But the architect says I shouldn't jump to conclusions... it is a crescent, yes, but that doesn't mean it represents Islam! Don't be so paranoid!!! A bunch of liberals echoed that sentiment, so I began to question myself.

Well, it certainly could be a coincidence. Weird symbol to choose for basically random reasons- I mean why choose a crescent at all... but okay, fair enough. It isn't like that crescent points toward Mecca or anything. Maybe there's no there, there.

But wait. Turns out it DOES point to Mecca. For a better graphic of this click here. The significance? From Wikipedia:

Qibla is an Arabic word referring to the direction that should be faced when a Muslim prays. Originally, this direction was toward Jerusalem (and it is therefore called the First of the Two Qiblas). In 624 AD, during Muhammad's exile in Medina, the Qibla was changed to point to the Kaaba, in the city of Mecca, present day Saudi Arabia, where it has remained ever since. Some academic scholars have attributed this change in the direction of prayer to a rift between Muhammad and the Jews in Medina.

The Qibla, for any point of reference on the Earth, is the direction of the Kaaba. In Muslim religious practice, supplicants must face this direction in prayer. It should be noted that Muslims do not worship the Kaaba or its contents, any more than Christians worship churches or crosses; the Kaaba is simply a focal point for prayer.

The Qibla points along the shortest path to the Kaaba. Because the Earth is approximately spherical, this path will be a great circle such as airplanes fly. The location of the Kaaba (at 21° 25' 24" N, 39° 49' 24" E) can be used together with spherical geometry to determine the Qibla for any given point on the Earth.

Seems like an open and shut case to me. What cracks me up is
1) the architect thought nobody would care that it looked like an Islamic crescent,
2) the architect himself thought an Islamic crescent an appropriate center piece for a memorial to the people who died fighting Islamist terrorists
3) the architect thought nobody would break his little code
4) a bunch of liberals went on record, between the time conservatives called shenanigans and the time a conservative broke the code, saying conservatives were paranoid schizos and it was all just a coincidence
5) those same liberals are now backed into a corner. they will now either have to continue to claim it is just a coincidence despite overwhelming evidence or else admit the conservatives they derided as paranoid wingnuts were correct all along.
6) those liberals who will admit conservatives were right all along will now be divided from those who still claim coincidence
7) those liberals who will admit conservatives were right all along will probably NOW argue that it IS okay to have an Islamic crescent be the center piece of the Flight 93 Memorial Project



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  • At 3:44 PM, Blogger Jeff Faria said…

    Slightly off-topic, but (I think) appropriate considering the date: We share your concern regarding the lack of 'appropriate' 9/11 memorials. We've put our own 5 minute video memorial online. No burning buildings, no rubble, no explosions, no speeches, no screeches, no Bin Laden, no bodies. Just a remembrance of some people whose lives were cut short through no fault of their own, with poignant candid snapshots from their lives, and music.

  • At 10:56 AM, Blogger The Liberal Avenger said…

    Two reasons why you're wrong:

    Reason #1
    Reason #2

  • At 10:18 AM, Blogger Harkonnendog said…

    Liberal Avenger that is WEAK sauce, man.
    Link 1 goes to nothing.
    Link 2 is a strawman, that assumes every Muslim praying to Kaaba uses a GPS etc. to make sure they nail down the perfect degree when they pray. Ridiculous.
    You've got your story and you're sticking to it- that's

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