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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Pitbulls and Chihuauhas...

Pitbulls get a rep as killers, but actually they are one of the most loving and human submissive dog breeds out there.

Pits were bred to fight bulls, originally, by grabbing a bull by the mouth and holding onto it as the bull mashed the dog into the ground and gored it and stomped on it. They developed that loose thick hide and incredible biting ability and the unusual tendency to bite and HOLD from that. Then they were mixed with terriers, who kill by biting and holding and shaking, which furthered the tendency. (other dog breeds bite and tear, then bite again, again, and again)

Then they were bred to fight other dogs, which ended up meaning to fight other pitbulls because pretty soon no other breed could compete with them.

This resulted in two things. One, the tendency for pitbull to be ridiculously determined.

(A fighting dog's worth was determined largely by his gameness. A great fighting dog (yes, I think people who fight dogs are fuggin' scum, just for the record) will fight until it is dead. This is what distinguishes a pitbull from other fighting breeds, such as Canary island dogs. Canary island dogs are HUGE compared to pits, and I've read that when a pit fights one of them the Canary island dog basically beats the crap out of the pit until they are so tired they can't do it anymore. The pit, who has suffered 100x worse damage and is 100x weaker, keeps fighting. Eventually the pit wins. The Canary island can't quite KILL the pit, and doesn't necessarily WANT to, it just wants to win. A game pit can't BE beat though, it can only be killed. Pits are pretty much the only dogs that do this, though not all pits do.)

Two, a pit is NOT human aggresive, generally. There are two reasons for this, one may be untrue, I'll refer to it as the myth, and one is just common sense.

The myth, (it might be true or not, I don't know) is that pit fights were basically tests of heart run by gentlemen until the late '70's. When a dog was dominating another and the other flinched or turned from a fight human handlers would literally pull them apart. Now, doing this with a pit is obviously dangerous if the dogs are human aggressive, so the rule was that if a pit bit a human it was put down immediately or, at the least, never bred. This may seem harsh, but if you know people who treat dogs as tools rather than pets, you know how quickly they'll put a dog down.

The common sense reason pits aren't human aggresive has to do with how dangerous they are when they ARE aggresive. Little dogs are assholes. I don't know if you've noticed this. Generally, they are freakly little punk dogs that cause shit and nip and bite and are dominant over their humans. And why not? They can rarely really hurt anyone, so why not breed asshole little dogs?

Big dogs aren't like that. Human aggressive big dogs kill people, so they aren't bred by responsible people. Since the late 70's dickless scumbag white trash and other ghetto thug types have bred human aggresive large dogs PURPOSELY, since this makes up for their small weewees in their small minds, but up until then this was very rare. You never hear about Great Danes or St. Bernard's killing people because the smalldicks never decided to breed human aggresiveness into these breeds.

So pitts are incredibly dangerous POTENTIALLY, but are bred to be dog aggressive and NEVER to be human aggresive. In fact, they are WONDERFUL dogs as pets. Unfortunately, while 10,000 chihuauahas might produce 1000 attacks, none of them will be fatal, and most of them will require a band-aid. 10,000 pits might produce 10 attacks, but 1 will be fatal, and 9 will require stitches.

The solution. A half pit half chihuauaha (yeah, I don't know how to spell chisgagidhaaua, I admit it, and I don't care) won't kill anybody, but will be just as calm and cool and non-human-aggresive as a pit, and will only be a litte bigger than a chadkfadilfjdalfdjasd.

And I know 'cause I've got one. And she is one cool little dog.

Thank you.


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