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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Post of the day on Suicidalism...

Whilst searching for Madonna video parodies and street fights, I occasionally find insanely intelligent posts CLICK HERE FOR A FANTASTIC POST by people who are WAY smarter than me. And you. Yeah, you too. I refuse to be read by people who are WAY smarter than me . If you're one of them you're not reading this, so by definition you aren't.

Click here to read this post, which defines and explains postmodern thought, and is even better.

The good thing about being mediocre, brain-wattage wise, is that you're smart enough to figure out what really really smart people know, but you can't QUITE fool yourself into thinking you're one of them.

So I am able to recognize the value of the above essays WITHOUT thinking I understand them because I skimmed 'em really quickly and recognized that they wrote what I already knew but hadn't vocalized (even in that really quite voice which is so quiet it is only in my head).

So anyway here they are, as much for me as for you, since you probably don't exist, at least in a Platonic you as opposed to one of the many yous that aren't other facets of me.


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