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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sold another...

$277.00... Good day for selling copies of CLOWN. Realistically, I think I need to order like a thousand copies and then sell them one by one... If I order a thousand they cost... 4.77 a pop... plus shipping... lets just call it $5000... I'd make $15,000 if I sold them all, which I think I could, probably in two or three years, just from work, if today is any indicator... 10k profit... hmm...

I wonder if I can get CLOWN bulk printed for less elsewhere, though... Anyway something to think about.


  • At 10:08 AM, Blogger Shibumiworld said…

    You are still the same TJ, which is so awesome. Anyhow, I just want to congratulate you!


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