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Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Totalitarian Left, Part 3

Yesterday, after I published part 2 of this 3 parter, I surfed over to Powerline and found the following:

http://powerlineblog.com/archives/009328.php It discusses how authorities are trying to prosecute voter fraud in Wisconsin. I also discovered this: http://www.jsonline.com/news/metro/jan05/295825.asp which outlines another pending prosecution. This is great news! (except, today’s entry was supposed to show conservatives are scared to prosecute voter fraud while liberals aren’t motivated to prosecute it.) Well, let’s assume the above are exceptions that prove the rule, (while hoping they are not (did I just lose you?) ) and move forward.

Conservatives are scared to prosecute voter fraud for 3 reasons.

1. The first is political correctness. Conservatives hate to be called racist. Democrat operatives know this, and therefore commit voter fraud in minority areas, knowing that conservatives, fearing the racist label, will be less likely to call a spade a spade. (See, the PC reflex exists even in you, dear reader.) Committing voter fraud in minority areas is a win-win for democrats. If the republicans don’t expose and/or prosecute the fraud the votes are counted, a la Washington State. If they do expose and/or prosecute the fraud, millions of kooks, minority and otherwise, will believe and perpetuate the lie that republicans disenfranchised minorities to steal an election, a la Florida.

But this is a mistake. Morally, it is a mistake because voter fraud should be prosecuted regardless of the political consequences. Voter fraud is the moral equivalent, almost, of murder. Keep in mind that minorities are disproportionally disenfranchised when conservatives refuse to clean out voter fraud in minority areas. This is the message to send to these communities: that they are being disenfranchised by the democrats, and that republicans are trying to stop that from happening. (Hey, it probably won’t work, but the cure is certainly no worse than the disease.)

2. The second reason republicans hesitate to prosecute voter fraud is the nature of the fraud itself. Democrats (the example at the top notwithstanding) are not stopping conservatives from voting, they are helping democrats vote more than once, or helping people who are not allowed to vote, felons, aliens, or the dead, to vote democrat. The nature of this fraud helps democrats frame the debate. When republicans cry foul democrats say they just want “every vote to count.” While the phrase is a good sound bite, the argument is encapsulate is utter bullshit.

Every illegal vote disenfranchises an opposing voter’s legal vote. If you voted for Bush, and a democrat operative helped a felon vote for Kerry, you were disenfranchised. If that operative registered 10 homeless schizophrenics using his home as their address, and voted for Kerry ‘for’ them, using absentee ballots, he disenfranchised every conservative on your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team. If he registered the local paper’s obituary page for the last 6 months and did the same, he disenfranchised every conservative you know. But, though these are not victimless crimes, the victims do not know their fundamental right has been stolen. They are not energized to fight for their right, because it is difficult to personalize voter fraud.

But this is a mistake. Every voter should consider his or her very own vote to be the one that was stolen. Nobody should assume it was the other persons. Again, consider voter fraud to be the moral equivalent of murder. Would you allow twenty murders to take place because, well, you are not dead? (Maybe in Rwanda or Darfur…) Of course not! Voter fraud should be prosecuted just as mercilessly.

3. Finally, conservatives are not prosecuting voter fraud because, by and large, they won.

But, as yesterday’s post points out, this is the only practical time to prosecute democrat voter fraud. Not prosecuting will only embolden criminals. Giuliani’s broken glass concept should be applied, across the board, in every suspected instance of voter fraud- whether it was perpetrated by democrats, greens, communists, or even conservatives.

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