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Monday, February 28, 2005

Great post of the day.

This post is a must read for anyone who hasn't been to Europe. (Like me.) Below is one of MANY excellent paragraphs, if you want a taste before you go through the horrible trouble of clicking on the link.

In Paris, perhaps one of the most anti-American capitals of Europe, we still found respect. I should know because I wore my "Bush-Cheney" and my "Global War on Terrorism" hats sometimes, as well as talking like the American I am! Instead of experiencing hostility, we were always treated well and we saw just about everything in Paris. If you haven't been there, you might be surprised to know that the legacies of America are to be seen all over the city. Statues of George Washington, streets named after Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt, and so much more.

The post makes me question myself: If I read in the NYTimes that the sky was blue I'd walk outside to verify it, but when the MSM harps on how Europeans hate America I take it at face value. Why? (Don't answer that- the answer is probably unpleasant.)

I had no idea there were statues of Washington or street names of American presidents. And if I read a million newspaper articles I STILL would have had no idea. The MSM reporters don't have the common touch- details like these are compelling, but only a blogger would understand that, it seems. Let's hope Glenn Reynolds and the other editor blogger kings don't lose the common touch the MSM lost long ago.


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