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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Kauai Photo Blogging

These pics (inspired by Althouse's pics of Wisconsin) were taken with a Canon PowerShot A95. I used this Wile E. Coyote looking casing for the underwater shots. Very cool casing. The Hawaiian with the tatoos is my brother in law, and that beach is his back yard.

Start at the bottom of the series and scroll up. Coolest thing about this series of pics is that I got off work at 5, my wife brought my shorts and stuff (this was spur of the moment) and we drove to the beach. So this all happened after work. YAY FOR LONGER DAYS!!!

The wives brought food and drink. A ring around the moon developed. Not a corona- but a slightly off-round ring which took up one third of the sky, with the moon at it's very center. I couldn't get a pic of it. Then a paniolo rode his paint (maybe the most beautiful horse I've ever seen) and a couple of trailing horses up and down the beach, and then over to us to say hello.

And then we left.

This was on Thursday, and this morning, Saturday, I was supposed to get some pictures of sharks. But the waves got too big for free diving with sharks. Sorry.


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