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Friday, March 25, 2005

Gravitational Pull-Up

The UPC members have been charged with the question- "Who would you like to see run for President as a 3rd Party candidate?"
My answer is Lieberman. Since Clinton, a political moderate with a far left lifestyle, the dems have moved far, far to the left. Kerry was the 2nd most liberal dem in the Senate, and Dean, who now runs the party, is basically a lefty nutball. There simply is no room in the dem hieararchy for moderate, wise, non-America-hating liberals.
If Lieberman ran on a 3rd party ticket he would actually have a chance to win. 1st, becauase the Deaniac democrats are a tiny but active and vocal minority of the dem party. Their influence is way out of proportion to their numbers. 2nd, because many republicans are republican by default: they see the Deaniacs as America-hating nutballs, the Kerry/Kennedys as limousine socialists, and they would willingly look at, and maybe vote for, a sober, moderately liberal democrat who didn't blush with embarassment while declaring he loves the USA.
Even if Lieberman lost, or dropped out early, he would already have tugged the left closer into the center, and pulled many veils from leftist eyes.
No, lefties, the libertarian conservatives are NOT going to split from the Christian conservatives because the CC's tried too hard to save an innocent woman from starving to death. Sorry, but it ain't exactly compelling.
No, lefties, libertarian conservatives are not going to vote for the party that wants to socialize medicine because Bush tried to fix the system without completely socializing it. They'll choose the lesser of two evils.
No, lefties, libertarian conservatives are not going to abandon the republican party because we are nation building here, there, and everywhere, because Bush's War on Terror is a rational response to 9/11.
If you read the lefty blogs right now they are almost hysterical. They honestly believe the Republican Behemoth is ripping itself apart from within. Well... No. Conservatives dig open debate and disagreement, and are motivated by ideas, not by a desire to fit in with the cool folk, so we fight amongst ourselves quite a bit. This doesn't mean that Christian Neo-Con Conservatives prefer Deaniacs to Libertarian Political Realist Conservativese. Until the dems get ahold of themselves, until somebody like Lieberman kicks the dems square in the ass, the dems will be the party for people to vote against. And that's bad for America, and for the world.
So- I nominate Lieberman.


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