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Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Tough week for conservatives. No newly liberated countries, no women rescued from death by starvation, no protection from the boomers will suck up every dime that goes into Social Security...
I am depressed.
Then I read the neo-cons lost out to the Big-Oil interests in the Bush admin... that really pissed me off. No idea of whether it is true or not, but just the idea.
I'm spoiled. When Clinton reigned I was energized by setbacks, I burned with underdog fervor, but now I'm too used to gettin' my way, too used to being shocked by how well Bush pwns the dems.
Is he off his game? Or are my expectations too high?
Am I experiencing something akin to post-orgasm depression? The little death, they call it... Urgh... Tired tired tired.

I think I'm taking this Terri Schiavo thing too much to heart. Not just for her, but because I believe in karma, and am God fearing, and if a society can- with eyes wide open- callously starve an innocent women to death- doesn't that society have some serious suffering in store? Or hasn't it forfeited its special place?

Urgh... I'm bummed.


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