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Friday, May 13, 2005

Byrd is the word.

Click here, via the great Radioblogger, to listen to Senator Byrd's filibuster Esther Bible speech. Conservatives are laughing like hyenas listening to this speech- but I have to say I find the guy's voice and manner and accent hypnotic. Byrd may well have hypnotized, Haemonized, Simonized, Lookintomyeyes, HearTheDove'sCries, BigMac&Fries, LittleWhiteLies, FatMeatyThighs, NoWhereforesNorWhys, Shepard'sPies, AThousandVirgins'sSighs, SheAlwaysDenies, FailuresThatWereGoodTries, OhMeOhMys, Scandalize, Scintillize, LookintomyeyesLookintomyeyesLookintomyeyes, his way into office.

Listen to it and the above will make sense. Anyway, is Byrd doing Dean Martin doing Strom Thurmond or is he doing Foghorn Leghorn on quaaludes? What's going on with the dems??!!??


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