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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Why I love the Brits.

Over at the UPC Cernig has posted a theory about why Americans are against the EU. He thinks the unspoken reason is fear of a rival superpower. The idea of a French-led coalition being super anything without an "in-" (as in incompetent or incontinent or incoherent or insane) in front of it is kind of funny to most Americans, but C doesn't see that. More important, he doesn't get the fact that Americans just plain LIKE Brits. We are against the EU because they are a threat to the people we love.

When I managed a youth hostel I LOVED Brit customers, especially the English. They were friendly, polite, and suave. The Irish were friendly, polite, and drunk every night. Loved them too, though not as much. We didn't have any Scots, more's the pity. Many Americans perceive Brits the way French think they should be perceived- smart, sophisticated, worldly, and cool in a David Bowie kind of way. (While the French remind us of that ugly fat girl with b.o. who believed nobody would ask her out because she intimidated them with her beauty.)

One might ask, if you think the British are so great- why don't you resent them? Well, because they are also silly as fuck. Without further ado, via Ace of Spades...



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