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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Muslims stepping on the American flag

Click here for a link to the video and some thoughts from Powerline.

An excerpt:

My favorite part is when the leader of the terrorists says something like, "Don’t be afraid...we have a legal permit...come and join us...don’t be afraid to speak out...This is not like the countries back at home where you raise your voice against the government and they take you in for torture. No...this is one of the loopholes of this government. We have the right to put this flag down and step on it."

My first thought was "Why would you come go to the US from home, wherever "back at home" was, if you wanted to turn America into a repressive shithole, like home? My second thought was- I've heard this before. Many of my 1st and 2nd generation American friends from Korea felt the same way about America (everyone of them sort of grew out of it after visiting Korea). Same goes for my two friends from Ethiopia.

I think many 1st, 2nd, and 1.5 generation Americans believe America is relatively rich and free and egalitarian- and thus gives almost everyone a shot at success and security- not BECAUSE of American culture, but DESPITE American culture. So the men in this video aren't really out to destroy the culture they chose- they are out to destroy the culture they are forced to tolerate in order to have a material lifestyle they like.

But they are wrong. American culture IS the reason America is what America is. The stereotype American- stupid, lazy, fat, immoral, slutty, et cetera is a myth. Sure, there are thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of Americans who fit that stereotype to a T. But they are not the norm. And America is not America despite, but because of Americans. And you don't get an American lifestyle- nor American opportunity, nor American freedoms, without American culture.


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