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Thursday, June 09, 2005

My French Connection

I do business with a Frenchman; (is it Frenchman? Is that how you say it?) Francois is his name; He was born in Madagascar, has lived all over the world, and is now a US citizen. Nonetheless he is French. We talked politics a bit. His opinion on:

The French rejection of the EU.
It was 100% about Turkey. Turkey has 73 million people and if France voted "OUI" Turkey would have been allowed in, meaning those 73 million Turks would be allowed in. This would be a disaster for France because
1. It would cost the French working people thousands of jobs.
2. The Muslim already there are not assimilating. While Turkish Muslims aren't Wahabbists, France needs 10-15 years before she can assimilate the old Mulsims, and begin trying to assimilate new ones.
3. Chirac chose to couple the EU referendum and Turkey's entrace, showing how incompetent and out of touch he is with French people.
4. Domenique de Villepin is even worse. Disagreeing with America about Iraq is one thing. Villepin's anti-American actions in Africa were stupid and vile. You don't do that to allies. Villepin is practically insane.

French Business:
France is a horrible place to be a small business owner.
1. Every small business in France is audited every year, and a French auditer makes Inspector Javert look like Officer Barbrady.
2. French unions have made it almost impossible for a person in France to be fired. Once you hire someone you are stuck with them in that firing someone is more costly than paying them to be incompetent.
3. Britain is the best place to do business in Europe because Britains laws reward success.


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