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Friday, August 19, 2005

Best Post of the Day Ever???

Maybe. Wretchard is at it again. He and I think similarly, which is a great compliment to me. But we think unequally. My brain houses a bunch of grapes in a barrel, and, with a great act of will, I can occasionally crush and press and ferment and make a decent table wine of them.

Wretchard effortlessly takes the same grapes and make Cognac. On a daily basis.


Anywhere, click here to read his post. As usual, I have nothing to add. He says it all, all the anxiety I felt but did not express about this particular issue. Plus he adds a historical parallel that matches just about pefectly. (sob) He makes me feel like a fuggin' slob. I'm Glibert Grape's younger brother and Wretchard's the Baron's mentat. Bastard!!!


  • At 8:52 AM, Blogger Libertas said…

    Hey Hark

    Sorry to leave you this message in an inappropriate place, but I didn’t know another way to reach you. Feel free to delete it as soon as you read it.

    I write in reference to the thread about Hawaii at Classical Values. I want to apologize for shooting my mouth off about something on which I was inadequately informed. I am really a specialist in the art history and anthropology of Oceania, in particular of Australia and New Guinea, and not an authority on Hawaiian history. Hell, I’ve never even been to Hawaii so I would be extremely reluctant to tell you what it means to be Hawaiian.

    But I do know that the indigenous Hawaiians of Polynesian ancestry effectively got the short stick in their dealings with the plantation interests. I also know that the Hawaiians are currently being used as pawns by the politically correct leftists types for their own anti-American agendas that have precious little to do with the real daily concerns of the of the Hawaiians themselves. Such folks are prone to trying to universally apply their cultualist philosophy and then drop in their victim of choice.

    My point was simply Hawaii for the Hawaiians, all of them of all ethnicities. I don’t really care what anyone in Washington DC, or Texas for that matter, thinks about how Hawaii should be run, and neither should Hawaiians. Hawaii is a very special place and I hope you manage to keep it that way.

    Again, sorry for my hubris and maybe the next time I‘ve just shot off my mouth at 2:00 AM I’ll just hit delete instead of post. You can reach me at libertas@independentopinion.net.

    Pardone mi


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