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Thursday, September 15, 2005

New winner of the Post of the Day

This is the 1st time I've used a Hugh Hewitt post. It is a post about other posts, and includes this:

The refusal by the Senate Democrats to fight this nomination with unrestrained righteous fury is the ultimate betrayal of the liberal rank and file. It is an act of cowardice that cannot be rationalized with the standard deceitful rhetorical cover of a shrewd tactical retreat while keeping our powder dry. The tactical retreat in which the Democrats invariably engage is perpetual rather than shrewd. And there is no powder, dry or otherwise. Political leverage is never gained by capitulating. If it were, the Democrats would already possess enough dry powder to blow the Earth off its axis. Weakness merely begets the perception of weakness, which just happens to be the Democrats greatest electoral problem.

The dirty little open secret of the Senate Democratic Caucus is that its members have far more contempt for their liberal supporters than they have for their conservative opponents. In repudiating the filibuster, Feinstein bitterly criticized progressive activist groups for pressuring her to oppose Roberts regardless of the merits. The merits are that Roberts is a malicious ideologue yearning to annihilate the liberal base. Yet to the Seven Democratic Dwarfs who crafted the nuclear option compromise, that factor is infinitely less important than getting themselves praised by the corporate media for being statesmanlike, i.e., doing the bidding of big business.

HAHAHAHA!!! Read that 2nd to last sentence, "The merits..." again. Here I'll do it for you. "Roberts is a malicious ideologue yearning to anhilate the liberal base."

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Where does the guy get this from? Malicious? How can you say that? Got evidence? Ideologue? Is that even an insult, I mean by itself? Don't you have to identify what's wrong with his ideology before that is an insulte? Would you rather have a nihilist on the court? What does annihilate the liberal base mean, btw? Are you suggesting Roberts wants to kill liberals? Wtf?

Yeah, serious liberals despise the Michael Moores of the world. EVERYBODY DOES, EXCEPT THE MICHAEL MOORES OF THE WORLD.

HAHAHAHA! Today is a good day.


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