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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Bond- Metrosexual Bond

Via Ace of Spades, I've learned the new James Bond is this guy. I'm disappointed. This guy is the wimpiest looking Bond yet. More than that, it looks like he's made a living playing sensitive guys. I was also able to discover an excerpt from the new Casino Royale.

BOND: (sits down across from the evil number 10 and introduces himself)
Bond- Metrosexual Bond.

NUMBER 10: (pulls a cigarette from his Spotted Owl skin case)

I gave them up.

I'm American, Mr. Bond. I meant 'are you gay?'.

I know. I meant I gave men up. I'm in purely hetero phase, now. Not that you're unattractive, and that's a lovely scent you're wearing. In fact- I have oysters and the new Barbara Streisand Sara Mchlachlin Duets album back at my flat...

Have you got a 9mm or a 12 gage, Mr. Bond?

Why is it "Number 10," Number 10?

Top or bottom?

But of course, darling.


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