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Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Disconnected Left and the Lie that is a Dare

Via Michelle Malkin comes this gem:

You know those New Orleans cops caught looting in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina?

Well, according to a New Orleans police spokesman, they weren't looting. They were, well, let's let him explain:

Police spokesman Marlon Defillo said police are looking into the possibility that up to 12 officers were involved in misconduct.

The Police Department has 1,750 officers.

He rejected the use of the term "looting" but said authorities were investigating "the possibility of appropriation of non-essential items during the height of Katrina, from businesses."

It reminds me of Stephen King’s Gunslinger series. “You have forgotten the face of your father” is a huge insult in that world, and that’s the best way to describe Defillo- as a man who has forgotten the face of his father. The man, it seems, has no sense of morals or ethics, and no personal pride. He doesn’t care that the entire nation knows he is a weasel. He doesn’t care about what making such a statement reveals about:

his community,

his colleagues,

his friend,

his family,


He has forgotten the face of his father.

But how do you reply to the lie that is really a dare? There is no doubt that he is lying, weaseling, spinning, euphamizing, call it what you will. The only issue in doubt is whether or not those who hear such a bald lie will react appropriately. The appropriate response, I think, is to kick Defillo in the face until he cries and pisses himself, which probably wouldn’t take long. But I wouldn’t have the ‘nads to do it because I wouldn’t want to suffer the consequences.

Failing that, pointing at him while laughing and calling him a “li’l bitch” might do. But professional reporters can’t do that without losing their jobs. Sigh. Another reason why bloggers are superior to MSM reporters, I suppose.

The Left loves the Lie that is a Dare, and has ever since Clinton used it so effectively, and often. It worked for Clinton. He redefined "Is," after all. But the Lie that is a Dare doesn't work for liberals generally because they don't understand it. The Lie that is a Dare REQUIRES that a majority of people think a person is being unduly persecuted by a (ideally puritanical) minority. The majority of Americans (I'm not one of them) didn't care that Clinton lied under oath because they didn't care about what he was lying about.

The majority of Americans DO care about police officers looting, so this Lie that is a Dare will fail.

I think.

If somebody kicks this guy in the face until he pisses himself we'll know I'm right.


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