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Friday, October 14, 2005

Trump's kicking ass in this year's Apprentice.

Trump is doing a great job this season. I almost stopped watching after last year because he was the suck- this year he's making excellent choices.

It could all be a matter of editing, I know, but at least they are taking the trouble to edit the show so that Trump looks good. I watch the Apprentice to reconfirm my belief in a moral universe- the good and/or strong win, the bad and/or weak lose, and the world therefore makes sense.

Last year's Apprentice didn't confirm that belief and the show sucked. It was a show about nihilism, almost. So far this year's Apprentice is all about justice. The Rebecca drama is really all about whether or not she is good and strong- or was she guilty of cronyism- and Trump's decision to spare her was all about not knowing the answer to that question.

Great season. The Trump is earning his title "The Trump" this year.


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