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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Free Speech and Faith...

I'm hearing a lot of ass talk regarding free speech. Ass as in but as in

We believe in free speech BUT:

You have to be sensitive to cultural issues;
You should not try to be divisive;
You should understand that some people feel strongly about things,
You should be some variation of being a cowardly bitch when it comes to pissing off Muslims.

And even people who disagree with this viewpoint argue with it as though this is the kind of thing that can be argued...
It isn't.

Free speech is not on the table. Free speech is an absolute. I will not argue about it, I will not discuss it, I will not wonder if it is good or bad or right or wrong or how much it should or could be limited and still be "free" or blah blah blah... If you argue about these things you've LOST THE ARGUMENT. Free speech is inviolate. If you serioulsy want to curb it you're a piece of shit. You AREN'T QUITE HUMAN ANYMORE, as far as I'm concerned. Your value as a human being hovers somewhere between a man like me and a dog.

Don't get me wrong, I love dogs.

Yes, McCain, because of McCain/Feingold, is a piece of shit.
Yes, Austria, for jailing a man for denying the holocaust, is fucked.

And I'm hearing a lot of talk about the limitations of free speech, that basically say:

You can't say fire in a crowded theater and:

Arab Muslims are animals that can't help but murder people when they make fun of Mohammed;
Arab Muslims are 3rd worlders and can't help but be hot tempered;

so saying something bad about Mohammed, like Mohammed was a slave trader who raped a child for instance, is equivalent to yelling "Fire!" in a theater. And so, you shouldn't say something like Mohammed was a slave trader who raped a child, for instance, because then you are not being some variation of being a cowardly bitch when it comes to pissing off Muslims.

(Forget about the bigotry of low expectations inherent in that... it isn't the point here.) And I'm reading that you shouldn't say this EVEN IF IT IS TO SHOW YOU BELIEVE IN FREE SPEECH, because, apparently, this pisses off Muslims, which is a good way to make them mad, and they don't like free speech, so by pissing them off you endanger free speech... WFT?!?!?

And I just wonder what the fuck happened, you know? I just thought it went without saying that free speech is THE deal-breaker... And I just thought that it went without saying that whenever somebody threatens free speech because somebody said something offensive to them EVERYBODY IS SUPPOSED TO SAY IT OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER...

I really thought everybody fucking KNEW that.


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