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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cowboy's are AWESOME!!!

Go to Televisionwithoupity.com and click on the American Idol 2/14/06 episode and scroll until you learn about the cowboys, then read this. (Or if you saw it don't bother.)

Cowboys are friggin' awesome. The two bigger cowboys didn't have a shot in hell because Garet Johnson just was NOT up to it... He couldn't sing, dance, or keep a beat.

Rather than berate him or ice him out they went the 3 Musketeers route. The result was Simon's chidings about turning their one big shot into a comedy performance.

It seems to me the older cowboys chose to make it into a comedy performance rather than hurt the child.

And afterwards, not only did they NOT lay the blame on Garet, they continued to encourage him. Even when Garet apologized they refused to acknowledge that he'd destroyed their dreams, and instead tried to make him feel better.

Turning that wonderful act of kindness, of love, into a Brokeback Mountain parody was petty. I guess it could not be helped, people would have gone there anyway, but that was a beautiful moment, and all I can say is cowboy's are friggin' awesome.


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