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Friday, March 31, 2006

3 posts of the day-

Regarding Jill Carrol, who I posted about yesterday, this post and this post over at LGF show she was scared, and probably Stockholm syndromed. Poor woman... I hope she'll be able to recover from her ordeal. If she gets back to the US and denounces her abductors and cowardly sumbitches that need to be killed and have their remains pureed with a 1000 lbs of spam we'll know she has.

And THIS post is every, excuse me, should be every Westerner's wet dream.
It links to a Washington Times article in which a Muslim says Islam needs to reform. Wonderful because
1. a Muslim group is saying Islam needs to reform
2. the media is paying attention to a trully liberal Muslim group instead of those fascist fugs at CAIR, and
3. CAIR is denouncing the article, which will HOPEFULLY (though I doubt it) show the media they are fascist fugs who should not be treated as the de facto spokespeople for American Muslims, and will almost CERTAINLY get non-media types to
a. realize CAIR SUCKS, and
b. realize the CAIR hyping media SUCKS...


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