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Monday, February 21, 2005

Powerline has an interesting take on Churchill

There's a meme floating around the right side of the blogosphere that says Churchill is not:
1. a kook we don't need to worry about
2. just another example of a bad lefty (bad lefty! bad! bad!)
3. just a hustler getting his groove on. (this is what I've been thinking)

This meme says Churchill is symptomatic of campus culture. He is, if you will, a pimple resulting from years of collectivist pizza topped with Christianity bashing, Palestine empowerment, and tribalism championism, washed down with kegs of moral relativsim. A good article about this can be found through here- Okay...

So we'll see what Professor Perkinson says. The evidence I've provided him is well-sourced and damning... Will it matter? Or is the Powerline meme correct?


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