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Friday, February 18, 2005

Ward Churchill at UH Manoa

I graduated from U.H. at Manoa in 1995 after 5.5 years of drunken revelry and sporadic cramming... Nevertheless I am proud to be a Warrior and was disappointed to learn, via LGF, that Ward Churchill is scheduled to lecture there. Click here for the link.

I sent the following email to Robert Perkinson, a professor of American Studies, one of the sponsoring groups of the lecture:

Dear Professor;
I was impressed and want to thank you for the following:
“We figured we better at least signal that, here in Hawai’i, which is a little more open-minded state than some others, we wanted to signal that we really believe in free expression not just for non-controversial ideas, but for controversial ideas, because that’s what free expression is for."
The links below provide compelling evidence that Ward Churchill has fraudulently claimed Native American ancestry for years. And that he has used that lie to further his career and to claim he represents Native Americans. Please consider whether or not you want such a man to lecture on the UH Manoa campus. For some perspective you might ask Professor Trask how she would feel if Ward Churchill, or some other, random haole, had built an academic career by fraudulently claiming he was Hawaiian.
Are you sure you want Ward Chruchill to champion free expression? Surely there are better candidates.
Sincerely... etc. .

I wonder if he'll respond... Professor Trask, btw, is a Hawaiian and a Hawaiian activist- I imagine she would shoot somebody if they tried to do what Churchill has done.


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