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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Part 2. Why are we not fighting the propaganda war?

Part 1 showed (kind of, pretty weak, I admit) that the U.S. is not fighting on the propaganda front of the War on Terror.

Why? I guess because we suck at propaganda wars. Rumsfeld probably doesn’t want to be associated with the following commercial:

Hot chick (we guess, we can’t see her through the chador, but she has a nice voice) next to an oven holds an egg.
“Okay this is you.”
Indicates a hot frying pan.
“This is your local America-hating Imam”
Cracks egg onto pan, it fries.
“This is you hopped up on
America hate.”
The camera pulls away from her, farther away, in fact until it is outside, farther, farther yet, until you can see the house she is in. A barely discernible dart falls from the sky.
BOOM. The house and everything within a hundred yards is enveloped with dust.
“That’s what
America does to you- and anybody else who fucks with it. Any questions?”

Shoot. That’s probably way better than what the government propaganda machine would come up with. I couldn’t help myself. Anyway, I think we’re not fighting the propaganda war because Rumsfeld thinks the U.S. sucks at propaganda. And yeah, we do. But we don’t have to.

Imagine America’s best engineers designed cars instead of fighter jets. Now imagine our best mathematicians weren’t breaking code for the NSA. Okay. Now imagine our best writers and actors made movies rather than government propaganda. Oh, wait a second…

Part 3 is coming soon!

It occurs to me that blowing up some (plausibly) hot chick in a chador is not likely to make people like the U.S... (what a genius I am!)
So have the lady, at the end, be standing on a hill over looking the blown up house, and er, make the house a compound.
Okay. For those of you who think the ad still won't make people like us- I disagree. Arabs like strength first, and 'niceness' second. It is always easier to make friends wth a bully AFTER you punch him out.


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