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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Professor Perkins Responds to my Email

Prof Perkins appears to be a class act: His reply to my email is below:

Re: Ward Churchill: I was impressed and want to thank you for the following:

I am aware of these allegations, but I haven’t yet seen any definitive proof. I will review these links, however, as soon as I get a chance.

I’m an avid supporter of academic freedom. I think that public universities should protect even outrageous ideas so that they can be debated, scrutinized, and rejected. So I oppose shutting down someone like Churchill based on the fact that he has made outlandish statements.

On the other hand, academic freedom is not absolute. If professors repeatedly peddle verifiable falsehoods, actively incite hateful violence, or engage in outright fraud then I think they may forfeit the right to as much protection.

So I will try to get back to you on this, though perhaps not for a few days.

Thanks for your info and concern.


p.s. By the way, you might want to take a look at this Indian Country Today article putting forth an alternative point of view. It’s attached.

The attached article he mentions can be read here. It calls, no begs, no SCREAMS for a fisking. But today is my one day off. I'll try to get to it tomorrow.

Anyway, I appreciate Prof Perkins response, and I suppose we should trust it was written in good faith.


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