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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Blog whoring

From Dean' World:

When people give advice on increasing blog traffic, usually they will tell you things like: "Write what you know" or "Send good posts to higher traffic blogs" or some such thing. Sure, that work on occasion, but I've found another way: Mention "Mario Vasquez."

I'm serious. In the past two days, all because I mentioned that he quit American Idol, I've had thousands upon thousands of new visitors to my blog. For a while, Gay Orbit was at the top of every single search engine listing for searches on that guy's name. It was in the top 5 of most.

So I have mentioned Mario Vasquez. People might ask what I think of Mario Vasquez... I could answer, in Ayn Rand fashion - "But I don't think of Mario Vasquez," but that would be a lie. I didn't care for him. I didn't hate him, but he came off like a tweener. When it comes to reality shows I like flamers like Lynn and Alex on the Amazing Race, and I like super-cool gays like Anwar, but I don't care for the 'tweeners like Mario. In fact I don't even know that Mario IS gay- he might just be a gay-ish hetero- and the same could be said for Anwar. Except, with Mario Vasquez I don't like that kind of super gentle deer in headlights gay nor that kind of hetero, in reality shows, and with Anwar I like that type of super-cool and casual gay AND that type of hetero, in reality shows. Why am I limiting myself to reality shows? Because I don't know any flamers, tweeners, nor super-cool gay people in real life. My calabash bro is gay but neither he nor any of his many buds have fit into those categories... Which probably goes to show how real-life these real-life shows are. Anyway, did I mention Mario Vasquez?


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