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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

On Privatizing Social Security

From me, a month and a half ago:

On Partially Privatizing Social Security:
I’m convinced the liberals are against this solely because George Bush is for it. Al Gore talked, endlessly, about a lockbox for Social Security. Most people figured the idea was crap, since the government would have the key, and they were the ones who would want to steal from the lockbox. What Bush wants to do is provide a lockbox with two keys. The People will not be able to access the lockbox without The Government’s key- and The Government won’t be able to access the box without The People’s key. The rest of the argument is just details.

From Alan Greenspan, yesterday: (hat tip to Simianbrain)

"We need, in effect, to make the phantom 'lock boxes' around the trust fund real," Greenspan said, referring to suggestions in the late 1990s of finding some way to prevent Congress from spending surplus Social Security revenue.

There it is... Me and Alan Greenspan agree. 'Nuff said. (lol) Seriously, why can't the libbies figure this out? Partially privatizing Social Security is a win-win. If libbies control the fed, they will raid the lockbox to buy more votes by funding pork programs. If cons control the fed they will raid the lockbox by returning money, as Bush did, or to pay for their tax cuts.

And, this question is especially for the post boomer generations: "What have the boomers done to make you think they won't suck every last friggin' penny out of you? Why in the world would you NOT want your own key to the lockbox?!?" The boomers are going to make Social Security/Medicare their single issue issue. And while the Xers, Yers, and Zers will be split according to their natural inclinations, 99.99% of the boomers will VOTE THE SAME WAY, according to this one issue. Nobody will confront them. They will control the fed. Hello???!!!???

People say let's fix the system as if nobody will mess with it after it is 'fixed'. Ridiculous! Wake up!


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