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Monday, March 14, 2005

Has homicide bombing jumped the shark?

Thousands of Iraqi Shi'ites protested on Monday after hearing reports that relatives of a Jordanian suicide bomber suspected of killing 125 people in the town of Hilla celebrated him as a martyr.

It certainly has in Iraq. Thank God!
(It always feels weird when I say or write 'thank God' in reference to something good happening in the Middle East. I'm a Christian, and I feel like I'm somehow either
a)thanking Allah since Allah is primarily worshipped over there and/or
b)blaming God for what a horror show the region is generally by thanking God for those moments when it doesn't completely suck and/or
c)being a religious fanatic, which seems to lead to a place being a hellhole and/or
d)proving all the dickheads who say we are over there to spread Christianity right and/or
e)going to make my fellow UPCers think I'm a total freak since they are God-less atheists or (gasp! gasp!) heathens!

(Also, let me ask you this... when the phrase 'jump the shark' jumps the shark, if it isn't already over on the other side of the shark smoking a cigarette and wondering what the hell that shark was there for, how will people express that?)


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