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Friday, March 11, 2005

Calling All Bloggers

From The Unpaid Punditry Corps,

Hey bloggers, we probably oughta all jump in on Glenn Reynold's and Politology blog's idea for a bipartisan blogosphere coalition to oppose (and punish) those who support the Bankruptcy Bill.

As a multi-partisan blogging coalition, the UPC heartily supports and will be involved in these efforts.

Our senators don't face reelection until '08 and '10, respectively, but we've got to organize to take down bought legislators, regardless of party.

This is really a matter that gets to the heart of whether we want to be a divided people, or whether we can put that aside from time to time and forcefully remind the politicians that they serve at the pleasure of the people.

In short, do we want to be partisans or do we want good government?

Time to get medieval on their asses.

Signed, The UPC

ed.- this post is copied from the UPC main board. As a proud and loyal member of the UPC I feel honor bound to publish it, but I must add that I--- 1. don't know too much about this bill 2. wish that the bipartisan energy being used to combat this bill was being used to destroy McCain/Feingold. Having said that- the UPC is full of smart m-fers, and Glenn Reynolds and the rest of the Higher Beings that began this thing are pretty derned smart, too.


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