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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Post of the day...

I haven't blogged much about Terri Schiavo lately. The energy I would have used to blog has been taken up debating the case on the Political section of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu bulletin board I frequent. There are a bunch of threads about Terri there. This one and this one are the two most active, and feature some civil, (relatively) intelligent give and take.

When the Fed court decided not to review the facts of the case I figured that was it. Mostly I just answered attacks after that... I didn't want to concede, but I also felt there was no point in trying to change anybody's mind. Those trying to create a wave of publicity won a phyrric victory. The wave crested- it was big enough- it was powerful enough- I thought it worked!- but nobody caught it. Nobody rode it to shore- to safety. In the end a little legal trick made it all for nought.

Anyway, what makes this a post of the day is the fact that I was arguing with some fellow righties in there- this issue was heavily divisive amongst conservatives, and this post showed that very well.


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