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Monday, March 28, 2005

Steyn on Schiavo

Mark Steyn's two cents are often priceless. His take on the Terri Schiavo tragedy is here. An excerpt:

Mrs. Schiavo has been in her present condition for 15 years. Whoever she once was, this is who she is now -- and, after a decade and a half, there is no compelling reason to kill her. Any legal system with a decent respect for the status quo -- something too many American judges are increasingly disdainful of -- would recognize that her present life, in all its limitations, is now a well-established fact, and it is the most grotesque judicial overreaching for any court at this late stage to decide enough is enough. It would be one thing had a doctor decided to reach for the morphine and ''put her out of her misery'' after a week in her diminished state; after 15 years, for the courts to treat her like a Death Row killer who's exhausted her appeals is simply vile.

This interests me for two reasons. First, because Steyn is an icon of the right. Not the religious right, but the... I don't know what you would call it... the non-religious right, for lack of a better term. For example- fellow UPC member John Pike, of pike speak, and I have clashed when it comes to Schiavo, but I feel sure that he's a huge Steyn fan. So I wonder what he'll make of this piece.

2nd, because I love Steyn and he more or less echoes many of the points I've made. So it is sort of like watching Michael Jordan do my crossover fade jumper with the tongue out just so... Of course, in the excerpt above, Steyn elegantly and easily says what I struggled to say and said badly. But still.


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