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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Will Chirac and Schroeder succeed where Napoleon and Hilter failed?

NewSisyphus hits a grand slam. This post talks about the EU and the U.K. Here's the too-short summary: The U.K. is about to stop existing.
An excerpt:
Despite such overwhelming evidence, however, the debate in the U.K. continues to focus on small matters, completely missing the fact that the country is likely to not exist in any recognizable form in the near future.

It’s simply a matter of numbers. Since the law has to be unified, the Civil Law tradition of the Continent is just going to swamp “outdated” British concepts central to the Common Law. Already, the E.U. uses “human rights” law to declare wide swaths of our cherished tradition out-of-bounds and out-of-touch. Leave aside and forget that the Common Law has been many, many times more effective in securing liberty and prosperity in the legal history of the West.

Wow. It would be Generation '68's ultimate victory- the absorption of a proud, independent people, by a conglomerate-country run by unelected bureaucrats... not since communism took Russia has the con been worked so well! God forbid it works this time!

Why does the U.K. even consider joining continental Europe?!? What Napoleon and Hitler could not do, Chirac and Shchroeder will, if the Brits GIVE Europe what Europe could never take.

Another excerpt:
Of course, the U.K. has some very good reasons for wanting to be in the E.U. But we wonder what would happen to the debate were we to make a good counter-offer. Perhaps a U.S.-U.K. political-economic-military union where the U.K. and its people have full and complete access to the United States and under which we would neither demand their sovereignty nor their laws is an idea whose time has come. Perhaps the time has come for us to rescue our most important ally, even if it doesn’t seem to know it’s in mortal danger.

Why can't we have the economic-military union without the political? I don't want Brits to have unfettered access to our shores- we quote Monty Python enough as is. And I KNOW the Brits don't want a bunch of Alabamans spittin' chaw off the side of London Bridge. But as for the rest of it- yes please let's offer the British a hand! They'd do it for us.


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