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Monday, February 28, 2005

Political Spectrum Tests Part 2

This post posited that political spectrum tests are inaccurate because
1. They are written by liberals
2. They use ivory-tower definitions of 'liberal' and 'conservative,' and those definitions do not accurately represent voters' working definitions of liberal and conservative.

So I've decided to write my own political spectrum test. It may not satisfy those who believe in the traditional definitions of liberal and conservative, but I imagine it would more accurately foretell an election's result than tests that use those definitions.

When answering the questions below you may find none of the possible answers matches your thinking. The test is designed with that in mind. Just pick the one you lean towards.

1. Do you think Michael Moore is a:
a) Fay lying bastard
b) Crusader for truth
c) A & B

2. Did Ronald Reagan
a) Win the Cold-War
b) Create the homeless problem
c) A & B

3. Is Jimmy Carter an
a) enabler of dictators
b) crusader for democracy
c) A & B

4. Was president Clinton an
a) enabler of terrorists
b) distracted from stopping terrorists by Monica Gate zealots
c) neither A nor B

5. Is Israel
a) the place where Arabs have more civil rights than anywhere else in the Middle East
b) the reason the Palestinians suffer so much
c) A & B

6. Is Democracy
a) an end in and of itself?
b) a means to an end- which is good government
c) overrated

7. Which of the following is terrorism?
a) targeting civilians, even if your people are being systematically killed by a country too powerful to fight any other way
b) killing civilians "accidentally" while atacking so-called "military" targets
c) Both are terrorism- OR c) Neither are terrorism

8. Which of the following is true?
a) Clarence Thomas, Colin Powell, and Condi Rice prove that blacks can excel in the U.S.
b) Thomas and Powell are Uncle Toms and Condi Rice is an Auntie Tomasita
c) Thomas is a Tom but neither Condi nor Powell should be lumped with him

9. Partial birth abortion
a) is murder, no different than killing a week-old baby
b) is a right, and nobody's business
c) hardly ever happens and should not be an important part of the pro-choice debate

10. Islam, regarding Americans' civil rights, is
a) more dangerous than Christianity
b) less dangerous than Christianity
c) equally dangerous

How to score the test. Right the letter you chose on a piece of paper. Give each "a" a score of 1. Give each "b" a score of 3. Give each "c" a score of 2.

14 and under- you are conservative.
15- 20- you are liberal
21 and up- you are a moonbat.

Thankyouverymuch for taking the test! Please post your score and any comments in the comments section. And check out some related thoughts from Mr. M here.


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