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Monday, October 17, 2005

A Jinn Paralyses Me at Night = Getting Pressed?

This is from Islam Online (Cyber Counselor)

Question As-salamu `alaykum.
During the night, when I am sleeping, I get this strange sensation that almost paralyses my whole body and prevents me from screaming for help. The worst thing is that during that time, I think something is having sexual intercourse with me. Then whenever I put a Holy Qur'an under the left of my pillow, the feeling of paralysis goes away. This thing happens mostly when I do a good deed. I would like to ask if it is Satan causing this to happen, and if so, how can I fight against this bad thing?

The answer is at the link if you're interested. I'm not, being a Christian and all. I just found this phenomenon interesting... in Hawaii people call this "being pressed," or at least my Korean friends call it that. Most of them are Christian, though, non-practicing, but they all ask Jesus Christ to save them when this occasionally happens and it goes away after that invocation.

I figure it is sleep paralysis. Your body turns everything off so that you can't move, thrash around and hurt yourself, or others, while you're dreaming. But my friends and the person who asked the question woke up and their bodies were still in dream mode... That's my guess. But when I offered that explanation up one of my friends said the demon or whatever was laughing.

That's one of those moments, you know, when you tell your friend he's a liar or a dumbass or you let it go. I always let it go. Besides, what if he IS right, then that thing might come after me!


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